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  • President Obama.

    Today, the United States is taking historic steps to chart a new course in our relations with Cuba and to further engage and empower the Cuban people.


    Why President Obama banned CIA interrogation techniques over 5 years ago

  • Leslie A. Bassett

    Embassy Asuncion is pleased to announce the confirmation of our new Ambassador, Leslie A. Bassett!


  • Obama on Report of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

    The report documents a troubling program involving enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects in secret facilities outside the United States, and it reinforces my long-held view that these harsh methods were not only inconsistent with our values as nation, they did not serve our broader counterterrorism efforts or our national security interests.  Read More »

  • Kerry on Release of Senate Intelligence Committee Report

    As that debate is joined, I want to underscore that while it's uncomfortable and unpleasant to reexamine this period, it's important that this period not define the intelligence community in anyone's minds.  Read More »

  • Kerry on Building a more Democratic Western Hemisphere

    Together, we created a network of free trade agreements that stretches from the northern to the southern tip of the Americas, opening our economies and creating shared prosperity. Initiatives linking our small businesses and expanding economic ties have brought millions of people out of poverty and into the middle class.  Read More »

  • Most beauty queens say they want to fight for human rights

    Kimberley Motley didn’t go outside the United States until 2008. That’s when she learned about a State Department program to train and mentor lawyers in Afghanistan. A former Mrs. Wisconsin beauty pageant winner, Motley saw an opportunity to make a difference and was soon on her way to Kabul.  Read More »