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U.S. embassies and consulates are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to systems maintenance that may result in delays in U.S. passport and visa processing and receivieng and sending email. U.S. citizens may also experience delays in response to their email inquiries. U.S. citizens requiring emergency assistance should contact their embassy or consulate by telephone. Additionally, applicants who have interviews for student and exchange visitor (F/M/J) visas scheduled for this week should bring proof of payment for SEVIS fee.

New Application Fees: Nonimmigrant and immigrant visa application fees for certain visa categories will change on September 12, 2014. All visa applicants must pay the fee amounts in effect on the day they pay, with the exception of Immigrant Visa application processing fees paid domestically to the National Visa Center (NVC), which will be effective as of the date of billing.

Fees that will decrease are not refundable. If you paid a visa fee before September 12, 2014 and that fee decreased, we cannot give you a refund.

Fees that will increase (nonimmigrant fees only): Visa fees paid will be accepted 90 days after the new fees go into effect, as follows:

  • If you paid your visa fee before September 12, 2014, and your visa interview is on or before December 11, 2014, you do not have to pay the difference between the new and old fee amounts.
  • If you paid your visa fee before September 12, 2014, and your visa interview is on or after December 12, 2014, you will be required to pay the difference between the old and new fee amounts – no exceptions. 

For more information please visit:

Watch the VISA application process                                            


Dear Visa Applicants,

Henceforth, the new dates and time to pick up visas are as follows:

• Individuals who applied for visas on Monday may pick them up on Wednesday from 4:00 to 4:30 pm (except on American or Paraguayan holidays)

• Individuals who applied for visas on Tuesday may pick them up on Thursday from 4:00 to 4:30 pm (except on American or Paraguayan holidays )

• Individuals who applied for visas on Wednesday and Thursday may pick them up on Monday from 4:00 to 4:30 pm (except on American or Paraguayan holidays)



Due to ongoing renovation work in the Embassy’s waiting area and to avoid discomfort for visa applicants, please be present no more than 10 or 15 minutes before the actual time set for the visa appointment.

What is a Visa

A visa is issued by a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. A visa entitles the holder to travel to the United States and apply for admission; it does not guarantee entry.

An immigration inspector at the port of entry determines the visa holder's eligibility for admission into the United States.

The U.S. Embassy in Asuncion is located at:

1776 Mariscal Lopez Avenue
Asunción, Paraguay

The local postal mailing address is:
Casilla Postal 402
Asunción, Paraguay

The APO mailing address is:
Unit 4711
APO AA 34036-0001

Embassy Office Hours

Monday thru Thursday 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Friday 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Except Paraguayan and American Holidays.

To Request Earlier Visa Appointment in Case of Emergency

If you are unable to schedule an appointment in time for EMERGENCY travel (eg.,Death in the family), or for the beginning of classes in the United States (students), or to begin employment (petition-based work visas), please first make your appointment online or through the call center. If you really have an emergency please contact us at

Additional Links

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