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Intellectual Property Rights Toolkit for Paraguay
IPR toolkit (Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy in Paraguay)

IPR toolkit

The Registry of the National Copyright Office is public, and any interested person requesting it in written form, may have access to it in either its tangible or digital form. more

  • Trademarks
    Registration of a trademark grants the owner not only the right of its exclusive use in all the territory of the Republic of Paraguay but also the right to distinguish the products or services  from similar ones existent in all the country. more

  • Patents
    To obtain patent protection, an invention should comply with two requirements: it must have a practical use and a novelty element; that is to say, any new characteristic in its technical aspects that is not known in the existing body of knowledge, this is called “technical status”. The invention must provide an inventive step that may not be deducted by a person with a standard knowledge of technical scope. more

    Industry Specific Issues
    In Paraguay a design or industrial model should be registered to be protected by the rights that govern them. As  a general rule, to be able to be registered, the design or model must be “new” or “original”. In general, “new” means that there is not knowledge that there has previously existed an identical or very similar design or model. more

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